Ferryman's Notes

Bird Spotting Notes

Date: 21 April 2014

Happy to report summer now definately on the way. Swans are nesting in the river and the Mallards are back in the castle wings. Terns are fishing in the river and the Swallows are now passing through on their way to the breeding grounds. The pair of Eider duck are again with us it would be good to think they might manage to breed this year. Good numbers of Turnstones taken up residence in the camber and complaining when the ferries use the low tide landing.

Boat news

Date: 21 April 2014

All the ferries now completed their winter refits and back to work. Solent Rose underwent a five year survey and now has new engine and all new sterngear. Haven Rose the main workboat now ashore undergoing her refit after a busy winter.

The ferry fleet: The custom is to name boats with names of monarchs or consorts from the period whilst the castle existed.

Wild Rose

Fishy News

Date: 21 April 2014

No major reports from beach fishing but with the water temperature quite high the anglers are expecting good results.

Fishing Trips:
Hurst Ferries do not operate angling or mackerel trips but if interested in trips from Keyhaven go to www.raypittseafishing.co.uk