Hurst last Sunday. Good weather, fresh wind and good visibility.
Mute Swan – over 30 on Sturt; also 2 pairs on the marsh, one with 2 cygnets.
Little Egret – counted 5 across the area.
Ringed Plover – estimated 170 on high water roost on shingle north of the lighthouse cottage – mid afternoon.
Dunlin – estimated 250 on high water roost with Ringed Plovers.
All mixed in together – a great sight.
A sprinkling of Oystercatchers, Black tailed Godwit, Whimbrel, Curlew and Redshank. They were probably on a high water roost together behind Keyhaven or towards Pennington.
Turnstone – approx 70 in 2 roughly equal flocks; one on Sturt; the other at Hurst. Most in beautiful summer plumage – a rich tortoishell.
Lesser BB Gulls – a few spread across the area.
Single Wheatear and Raven at Hurst.