Breeding season is coming to an end but adults are still feeding young.
Extra disturbance due to summer visitors.
Here are some notes………..
Shelduck – at least 2 pairs seen on marsh but no young seen; they may be hiding.
Little Egret – 3 seen on marsh
Heron – 1 on Sturt.
Oystercatcher – only 9 counted but some birds may be on marsh east of river to get away from visitors
Ringed Plover – 5 seen near North Point.
Lapwing – flock 14 flying over marsh
Whimbrel – 2 seen and heard
Black Headed Gull – approx count 260 with 200 on Sturt of which 32 were juvs. This is great news after 2 very high spring tides washed away the nests earlier in the year.
Med Gull – 3 on Sturt
Herring Gull – approx 145 in the area which is a very good number.
Lesser BB Gull – 9 aduts seen with probably more imms
Sandwich & Common Terns – a few fishing in the creeks.
Meadow & Rock Pipits feeding young.
Swallows & House Martins – several dozen milling about over marsh as if preparing to migrate south.
Raven – 5 at Hurst.
Generally quiet but our summer visitors will soon be leaving…