The breeding season is in full swing now.
Shelduck – round about a dozen across the marsh and we hope some are breeding pairs.
Brent Goose – 1 seen flying west over the shingle bank; very unusual this time of year. Should be in Siberia now!
Oystercatcher – several pairs in their usual territories across the patch.
Ringed Plover – only a few pairs this year. They are just about holding their own but they are finding it difficult to breed due to so much disturbance from walkers, dogs, boats. If they move to the spartina flats there is a chance they will get washed out.
Redshank – limited pairs in usual places.
Black Headed Gull – several dozen pairs trying again to raise young on the spartina marsh. They have been washed out at least twice this year. There are some areas on the marsh, however, which appear slightly higher, so they congregate there.
Herring Gull –  50+ feeding on crustacea in the river beds and it’s creeks at very low springs.
Sandwich & Common Terns occasionally appear in the river or just offshore, feeding.