Winter visitors building up but still no real cold weather arrivals.
Brent Goose – over 500 across the area. They regularly take flight and settle so rather difficult to get an accurate count as they are spread from Sturt Pond to Hurst.
Black Swan on Sturt Pond – what a  surprise! Worth a look; it’s pretty tame. No ring on leg. It may have come from a park somewhere. I believe there are some in and around Southampton. They originated from Australia.
Canada Goose – over 20 in the area
Teal – 80+ on Sturt and several on the marsh
Great-crested Grebe – 1 feeding off North Point
Oystercatcher – over 30 across the patch
Grey Plover – over 30 across the marsh
Dunlin – over 500 in the estuary
Black tailed Godwit – 135 feeding in Mount Lake
Bar tailed Godwit – 1 feeding on the mud in the Camber
The first real cold weather snaps should bring more wildfowl down to the south coast.