Burial at Sea

We are able to provide vessels to carry a coffin to the burial site South of the Needles, Isle of Wight. To handle the preparations of the body we can put you in touch with the undertakers we have worked with for many years who will ensure that the arrangements are handled efficiently and with dignity.

Scattering of Ashes

Following a cremation, we are frequently asked to take the ashes to sea for scattering. We are happy to provide this service. Any size of group may be catered for from a single mourner to parties of 90 passengers. Within the Hurst Ferry fleet of seven boats there will be a vessel of the appropriate size. On board the boat there will be specially designed equipment which you may wish to use to ensure greater dignity. In the main for a group of up to 12 persons we would suggest the quiet waters between Hurst Castle and the Isle of Wight. The trip will last approximately one hour at a cost of £80. For other locations and larger parties please contact us.