Mute Swan – 51 counted on Sturt Pond including 17 cygnets (a good number).

Black Swan – 1 adult; an unusual record. I believe this could be one of a few Black Swans from the Southampton area. Probably originated from escapees.

Canada Goose – 53 counted on Sturt Pond

Little Egret – a figure of 11 has been submitted for the area but there may be more or less, as these birds move around the area feeding during the day.

Ringed Plover – an estimated 190 was recorded on the high water roost at Hurst. This is an unusually high number for August.

Grey Plover – 4 recorded; I expect more to be in the area at this time of year but they may have been on another high water roost not found on this visit.

Dunlin – an estimated 220 recorded on the same high water roost as the Ringed Plovers above. They often roost at high water in mixed flocks with Ringed Plovers. As with the Ringed Plovers, this is an unusually high number for August.

Black-tailed Godwit – 3 seen on Sturt Pond.

Whimbrel – 2 recorded at Hurst. These are probably returning migrants.

Turnstone – 25 recorded in several small feeding flocks along the shoreline.

Herring Gull – at least 24 seen in the area

Juvenile Sandwich, Common and Little Terns seen feeding in the estuary.