Brent Goose – first arrivals of the winter, approx. 200, to the marsh and estuary. Also seen on Sturt Pond.
Cormorant – 7 seen including 5 ‘resting’ on small pontoon.
Little Egret – 8 counted across the patch
Heron – 2 seen on marsh
Ringed Plover – flock of approx. 40 birds on high water roost at North Point.
Grey Plover – 21 counted in area.
Dunlin – 200+ feeding in estuary.
Black-tailed Godwit – approx.140 including flock of approx. 125 feeding along edge of marsh in Mount Lake.
Curlew – at least 10 on marsh
Greenshank – 4 seen feeding together on Sturt Pond
Black-headed Gull – approx. 100 across the marsh.
There were large numbers of ‘gulls’, probably several hundred, feeding off Needles / Dolphin Bank. Difficult to positively identify due to distance and poor light but probably mostly Herring Gulls.