Brent Goose – very good numbers; 700+ possibly more. One large flock of around 600 on Sturt Pond plus small groups across the patch.

Shelduck – 24 on the marsh west of the river. Possibly more hidden in the creeks.

Wigeon, Teal and Pintail in small numbers.

Eider – usual pair seen in Mount Lake

R B Merganser – 2 pairs seen fishing in the river estuary

Great Crested Grebe – 4 seen feeding in the river estuary

Little Egret – only 3 seen this visit.

Pat, at the Castle, reports Spoonbills being seen recently in the river. Not seen myself.

Grey Plover – 20+

Dunlin – approx. 280 seen in one main flock in river estuary

Black tailed Godwit – 21 counted (9 on Sturt; 12 on marsh)

Curlew, Redshank & Turnstone – seen in small numbers

Lesser BB Gull & Common Gull – 1 each on Sturt.

Iceland Gull – 1 reported being seen on Sturt. Not seen myself.

Skylark – 2 seen out at Hurst (unusual).