Birdwatching Notes December 2018

Wildfowl numbers increased.

Mute Swan – 52, mainly concentrated around New Lane Bridge
Brent Goose – Estimated 560 across the area
Shelduck – 58 on the marsh
Wigeon – estimated 40 in area
Teal – estimated 220 across area
Pintail – 18 (9 pairs) on marsh
Red-breasted Merganser – 6 in estuary
Great Crested Grebe – 3 feeding in estuary
Little Egret – 6 […]

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Birdwatching Notes November 2018

The weather at the time was wet & windy so wader & wildfowl numbers low. Still waiting for a real cold spell to push wildfowl down to south coast to boost local numbers.
Brent Goose – approx. 225 counted but there may be more.
Red-breasted Merganser – 4 in Mount Lake.
Great-crested Grebe – 1 feeding in river […]

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Birdwatching Notes October 2018

Brent Goose – first arrivals of the winter, approx. 200, to the marsh and estuary. Also seen on Sturt Pond.
Cormorant – 7 seen including 5 ‘resting’ on small pontoon.
Little Egret – 8 counted across the patch
Heron – 2 seen on marsh
Ringed Plover – flock of approx. 40 birds on high water roost at North Point.
Grey […]

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Halloween October Half Term

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Birdwatching Notes August 2018

Mute Swan – 51 counted on Sturt Pond including 17 cygnets (a good number).

Black Swan – 1 adult; an unusual record. I believe this could be one of a few Black Swans from the Southampton area. Probably originated from escapees.

Canada Goose – 53 counted on Sturt Pond

Little Egret – a figure of 11 has been […]

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Birdwatching Notes July 2018

July is generally a quiet month birdwise at Hurst, as southward migration has not really started.
Mute Swan – a pair and 3 cygnets were seen on the marsh.
Little Egret – 4 seen across the area
Oystercatcher – group of 10 seen feeding together in the river estuary.
Curlew – 6 counted on the marsh, so birds are […]

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Summer Fun

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Round the Island

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Birdwatching Notes June 2018

Generally quiet this recent visit; stable weather with no gales to stir things up.

Mute Swan – 25; mostly on Sturt Pond

Shelduck – 7 adults counted on the marsh.

Little Egret – 5 adults counted on Sturt Pond

Oystercatcher – 18 counted but could have been more. Some birds still around their nest site.

Ringed Plover – only 5 […]

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Birdwatching Notes May 2018

It’s pretty quiet at the moment as the weather is so stable.
Migration has also been quiet.

Shelduck – several pairs seen on the marsh

Gannet – several seen fishing off Needles. These are probably birds from the Channel Isles.

Little Egret – only 2 seen in area; 1 at Hurst; one at Keyhaven. Not breeding.

Oystercatcher – 27 counted […]

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