July is generally a quiet month birdwise at Hurst, as southward migration has not really started.
Mute Swan – a pair and 3 cygnets were seen on the marsh.
Little Egret – 4 seen across the area
Oystercatcher – group of 10 seen feeding together in the river estuary.
Curlew – 6 counted on the marsh, so birds are now arriving from their breeding grounds.
Black-headed Gull – approx. 200 counted in the area including 12 young birds. Good to count some young birds after the extremely high tides washed out many nesting birds on the marsh.
Little and Sandwich terns seen feeding in the estuary.
Sand Martin – small flock of approx. 20 birds seen heading south from the bank; early migrants homeward bound?
Note: keep a lookout for Common Sandpipers who should be passing through now. Check their distinctive call as they are sometimes difficult to pick up when feeding on the mud.